The group Reasonable Adjustment (RAD) were formed in protest at the treatment of disabled people and became active during the early 1990s. What made RAD unique was their advocacy of armed resistance in the face of what they saw as unfair treatment of disabled people by Margaret Thatcher’s right-wing government.

Between 1989 and 1994 they carried out several attacks, including a shooting at the BBC and a bomb attack on Euston Station. No one was seriously injured or killed in their campaign of violence.

At the time of Reasonable Adjustment, Justin Edgar was a student at Portsmouth Art College. He first noticed graffiti depicting RAD’s distinctive logo while taking photographs for an assignment. This exhibition presents items from his personal collection of the last thirty years.

Reasonable Adjustment: The Disabled Armed Resistance Movement opened at the Art House Gallery in Wakefield in January 2020, before transferring to the Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted subsequent gallery showings and the work is presented here as an online experience with additional material not included in the physical exhibition.

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Burning Wheelchair

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World In Action Logo

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Damaged Escalators (Inverted)

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